Dark Golden Retriever Puppies

European Dark Golden Retrievers

The top quality of European genetics combined with the signature golden color coat brings you the best of both as far as golden retrievers go. This gives you the calm, friendly, and loyal behavior that golden retrievers are known for. The combination of amazing traits has made the golden retriever one of the world’s most most iconic and best loved dog breeds. Like their many appearances in television and film would suggest, goldens are pleasant and interact well with children and other dogs. They’re eager to take part in outdoor family activities, yet docile enough to remain good household pets. If you’re looking for a beautiful, friendly puppy that will grow with your family, you can’t go wrong with a golden retriever. When raised well and welcomed into your family, your golden retriever will become a beloved companion for years to come. If you’re interested in inviting a golden retriever puppy into your family, consider one of Rockvale Puppies’ purebred, AKC-registered goldens. You can learn more about our current litters below.

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