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Discovering the right breed of puppy for your family is an important step in finding your new companion for many years to come. European Genetic Bred Golden Retrievers are the ideal family companions. With their gentle disposition, unwavering loyalty, and exceptional adaptability, they seamlessly become an integral part of your household. These loving and intelligent dogs adore children, making them wonderful playmates and protectors. Their calm temperament ensures harmonious living, while their boundless energy ensures endless adventures. Whether it’s cuddle time on the couch or outdoor escapades, our Goldens are always ready to create cherished memories with your family.


Here at Rockvale Puppies, we specialize in raising top health genetic Golden Retrievers. These are split between English Cream Golden retrievers and your traditional dark-colored Golden Retrievers, both with quality European health genetics. Each one of our dogs come from a long line of perfect health. No cancer, no skin disease, no bone disease. All of our dogs are tested fully for any genetic disorder that is common in golden retrievers and are verified “all clear”.
Also, our European Golden Retrievers are Certified with excellent Hips/Elbows/Eyes/Heart. We do this to ensure you have the best chance for a lifetime full of happiness and healthiness in your puppy.
Not only are our European Golden Retrievers in the top tier of health quality in the USA, they also have Championship titles to their name and have won all over the world and come from a long line of Championship dogs.

Because we focus on just this breed, you can be confident that every puppy receives the same care, nurture, and attention that you would give your own pet. Every puppy is registered with the American Kennel Club to assure that your dog has been raised right and is free from hereditary conditions.

We care about you and your family entrusting us with raising your new puppy and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We bring you along with us through the whole process, making you feel like you don’t miss anything in your new puppy’s life. We thank you for the opportunity to work together and will do all we can to make this as smooth and trusting as possible.

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